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Loyola and Leslie’s Story

CGC helped family honor Daniel Garcia’s legacy Loyola’s son Daniel would have turned 18 this year. He would probably be bummed about missing out on high school rituals because of the pandemic. “He’s not going to turn 18, and we’ve come to terms with that,” Loyola says. Daniel died when

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Sudhir’s Story

Sudhir D, “It helps pull you out of the darkness and back into the light.” Three days after Sudhir’s little brother Shiloh was born, Sudhir got permission to hold him. Sudhir remembers the little boy hugging him back. The next day, Shilohdied due to health complications.  Sudhir remembers talking with

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Alie’s Story

Alie B, “My mental health became a priority, I learned to love myself.” “A pillar of society” is how Alie B. describes her dad. His death came as he waited for a liver transplant, leaving Alie, her four siblings and Mom behind.  With over 2,000 people attending his service along

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Rachel’s Story

Rachel M, “The Children’s Grief Center gave me tools to be okay.” A sudden, freak accident changed everything for Rachel, her older brother, and mom late one evening in 2002. Her father was in the backyard with her brother testing out a bike ramp when he went off the edge

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