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Samantha’s Story

Samantha was just a small child when her father, Ian, partnered with Sky’s mother, Vanessa. Almost immediately, young Samantha formed a close relationship with Sky, as did Ian’s other daughter, Mamie.  While explaining the family tree takes a bit of time, there was never a doubt about the love that

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Our Founder’s Stories

Dr. Adrienne Larkin: When Adrienne Larkin’s son Colin died at 15, she longed to talk to other mothers who had lost a child. The Compassionate Friends group gave her that. Adrienne wished her 7-year-old son David could talk to a group of kids who had lost a loved one. That

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Paulina and Jesse’s Story

Paulina and her son, Jesse, spent a month in Paris this year. It was more than a vacation for the two as they were there in remembrance of a daughter and sister, Tania, who passed away in a car accident on Oct. 15, 2007. “She loved Paris,” said Paulina. “Every

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Paul and Colton’s Story

For Paul, the Grief Center became ‘the best thing I ever did’ Days after his six-year-old daughter Pearla died in a car accident, Paul enrolled himself and his son Colton in group sessions at the Children’s Grief Center. His grief was still raw when he went to the center to

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Matthew and Natalie’s Story

Matthew learned to express his feelings with help from the Children’s Grief Center When Matthew has something on his mind, it’s hard for him to open up, he says. But several years after his uncle Miguel died by suicide, Matthew wrote an essay about his uncle. The essay won a

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Jennifer and Daniel’s Story

Daniel tries to help others deal with the grief of losing a parent. Daniel learned those skills thanks to his time at the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico. Often, when Daniel and his mother, Jennifer, are in the car heading out on a new adventure, a memory will cross

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Socorro’s Story

Socorro found support at the Children’s Grief Center in both light and dark times  The Children’s Grief Center supported Socorro during her lightest and darkest moments after loss 14 years ago. Socorro’s husband, Edward, died from a massive heart attack on his 36th birthday. Their son Diego was 5 and

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Kelly and Connor’s Story

Kelly and her son found a vision for a future after loss with CGC’s help Kelly remembers the day her son Connor first felt ready to talk about how his dad, Jason, died. The family was attending the Children’s Grief Center, and Connor had gone to the center’s Camp Corazon,

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Isabela and Susana’s Story

Before her father’s death six years ago, Isabela considered her life a fairy tale. “I’m not exaggerating,” Isabela said of life with her parents, Daniel and Susana. “These two people gave me the moon and stars. I was their everything. I was very sheltered and hadn’t experienced any childhood trauma.”

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Diana and Josh’s Story

Diana and Josh found their own path to healing through the Children’s Grief Center Two things surprised Diana when she took her sons to the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico after her husband Tony died. She hadn’t realized she would attend adult grief therapy sessions while Charles, then 9,

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