September 21, 2019 at 1:00 pm 3001 Trellis Drive NW Albuquerque

Art, Creativity and Enhancing a Sense of Well Being

Art making gives us a way to express our complex emotions associated with major events and life changes. Creativity empowers individuals to express themselves in a non-verbal approach, allowing the art to hold that which asks to be held, and then reflecting back to us a sense of knowing and wondering.

Please join us for a fun and relaxing family workshop as we gather to learn about the benefits of creativity and self expression with art making and sharing. Every person has creativity within and a story to tell.

This workshop requires NO PREVIOUS ART EXPERIENCE, just a willingness to play and experiment with art materials. We will discuss the benefits of creative outlets followed by an art experiential. This is a guided exercise in the making of our images, followed by viewing our images and then a sharing of our stories about the images in a relaxed and nurturing setting. Art supplies are provided. Everyone will take their work home with them.

This workshop is guided and supported by Christy Tackwell. CALL 323-0478 TO RSVP!

2019/09/21 13:00:00


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