“Parenting Through Grief”

Parenting Through Grief is a collaborative work, written by Jade Richardson Bock, Executive Director of the Children’s Grief Center, and Dr. Craig Pierce, Founder of Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute, to provide guidance to parents and grieving children.


About the Book

Raising kids has always been a balancing act. When someone in the family dies, however, everyone’s world is turned upside down. Getting through the pain of your own loss while having to attend to the needs of your kids, who are also grieving, is an incredible challenge.

Parenting Through Grief: The Attunetion Approach provides a framework for how to navigate parenting in the shadow of loss. The Attunetion Approach helps you pay attention and tune into what matters most. With simple strategies to help you connect with your family during this difficult and painful time, Parenting Through Grief: The Attunetion Approach provides the comfort of knowing you can still parent with confidence and love.


“Parenting Through Grief is everything you would want it to be: clear, honest, wise, filled with helpful illustrations, and most of all hope. This is a wonderfully written guide by one who knows the way. Every school, church, family should have a copy.”
~ Paula D’Arcy,
Author of Gift of the Red Bird and When People Grieve

About the Authors

Jade Richardson Bock

Jade Richardson Bock is the Executive Director of the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico. The Children’s Grief Center provides support groups for children, teens and young adults ages 5-25 coping with the death of a caregiver or a sibling. Ms. Bock grew up in southern Virginia on her family’s commercial peach orchard. Her father was killed in an accident when she was 17. She continued to manage successful for-profit businesses until coming to CGC first as a volunteer bereavement facilitator in 2003, than as an employee in 2005. Under her leadership the Center has more than quadrupled the number of families served, volunteers engaged, and dollars raised to provide free support groups for grieving young people.

Dr. Craig Pierce, LMFT, LPCC

Craig Pierce, PhD is the Founder and President of Southwest Family Guidance Center and Institute, and the creator of the Attunetion Approach. With more than 30 years of mental health experience, Dr. Pierce is a fellow with the American Psychotherapy Association, working extensively in the public school system an din private practice as a school counselor and psychologist, and as a clinical director. His specialty areas of treatment include family therapy, domestic abuse, sexual and childhood abuse, childhood disorders, interpersonal neurobiology and clinical supervision.


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